Truly Artisinal

At Ich Bin Ein Hamburger, you get a unique dining experience which you won’t find in most restaurants in the Zeeheldenkwartier, a restaurant where every single ingredient is freshly & artisanally homemade. Each batch of burgers are made in small quantities to give you the freshest ingredients possible, constantly having the recipe improve with small changes. All Burgers, Sauces, Compotes, Toppings & Sides are homemade, from scratch, in small batches to ensure Top Quality, Fresh & Tasty Burgers.

From the Double Duck burger, where we slow cook the Duck Legs for 14 hours at 90 Degrees Celsius, where the meat falls off of the bones, carefully seasoning every batch to taste, pulling apart and forming the duck into a patty like shape, topped with red onion compote slow cooked in ruby port & red wine, with our homemade fig sauce spread onto the onions, served with a slice of our homemade Terrine de Foie Gras, with each batch carefully made over a period of 18 hours. Two Days & Nights are spent to give you the freshest & tastiest Confit Burger.

To the Classic Royale with Cheese, with the beef bought locally, each batch spiced & stamped in the restaurant, with the Cheddar, Raclette & Roquefort cheeses sliced and prepared in the restaurant. The white onions cut by hand and marinated in our homemade Sweet & Sour sauce, topped with mustard seeds soaked & cooked at the restaurant, to the Bacon sliced from a locally supplied pork belly, all coming together to give the Juiciest & Tastiest Cheeseburger.

We Strive to have control over every single aspect of the burger to ensure the best quality.

our Story

Welcome to Ich Bin Ein Hamburger,

located in a beautiful old printing house from 1896 in the Venetian styled Prins Hendrikplein, best described as a small maze, is one of The Hague’s most charming district. Whilst admiring the beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in the cosy zeeheldenkwartier, dine at a French inspired Cuisine, with a German inspired Name, in an old Dutch neighbourhood. A Hidden Gem restaurant that serves classic hamburgers with a tasty twist; every delicious burger is freshly made a-la-minute, every ingredient made from scratch, to give an unforgettable culinary experience. Every dish, from the Heavenly Starters, to our Mouth Watering Juicy Burgers, ending with the Tempting Desserts, is artisanally crafted with authentic locally supplied ingredients. Linger at our leather lounge chairs and our bar for the rest of evening, and enjoy our Special Coffees, Gin & Tonics and our new Milkshakes.

Prins Hendrikstraat 53

2518 HJ Den Haag

T: 070 392 7252


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