In order to guarantee our quality and smooth progress of the evening, we work with groups from 8 people with a slightly shortened menu. Of course we can, in consultation, if possible, replace or expand dishes. Our space is suitable for groups up to 100 people.


Up to 15 people you can indicate the choice of your party on the evening itself, from 15 people we would like to receive the choice of the first course and the number of courses before the start.

We would like to hear about any dietary requirements and / or allergies of your guests when booking. If you would like to dine with a group at Ich bin ein Hamburger on Friday and Saturday, we use a minimum of 2 courses. 1 course is also possible, but then you have the table at your disposal for 1.5 hours, starting times in consultation, we then offer you the option of a before or after drink in our café area with lovely leather armchairs and couches.


In consultation with our Chef, we can also put together a menu without burgers and expand the number of courses of your choice.